This is Your Invitation to Join the San Francisco 40 Days for Life Spring Campaign

Below is information from SF Bay Area Life Runners on the upcoming 40 Days for Life Campaign  weekdays at Planned Parenthood on Valencia Street (which is soon to close) and at their new site on Bush Street on Sundays. Information is provided below to sign up for this campaign.  

40 Days for Life SF

We are BACK! In just 2.5 short weeks, Lent will begin and that means we’ll be back on the sidewalk praying and fasting for the end to abortion. This campaign is particularly special because this will be the LAST campaign at the Valencia Street Planned Parenthood. In Fall 2020, Planned Parenthood will open a much larger Flagship NorCal facility on Bush Street that not only offers their usual “medical” services, but also has space for education & training, conferences and a “research lab”.  😱  So, we invite you to join us in praying very hard for the end to abortion in our city. Consider signing up for a regular hour or two every week. Invite newcomers – family, friends, parishioners – to join you. Promote 40 Days at your churches with this information:
Spring 2020 Campaign: February 26 – April 5
– SUNDAY: To-be-opened Planned Parenthood, 1522 Bush Street, San Francisco
– SIGN UP for hours via our website hereor by emailing/calling us. 
– FOLLOW US on Facebookand Twitter.
– CONTACT US: or call (408) 840-DAYS (3297)

Here is some additional information sent from SF Bay Area Life Runners:
  • We expect this to be the LAST 40 Days for Life campaign at the existing Planned Parenthood at 1650 Valencia Street. Planned Parenthood plans to close this location when it opens its new Flagship location at 1522 Bush Street in Fall 2020. (More info herehere and here.)
  • The new location features 8,000 sq ft of clinical space, which if I am correct, is 2x larger than the current 4,000 sq ft Valencia clinic. In addition to the clinic, the new location will have an additional 3,000-6,000 sq ft of space for education & training, conference space for gatherings and a research lab. As you can see, this new clinic greatly expands upon Planned Parenthood’s current activities in NorCal.
  • The location cost about $6M to purchase (source). In their most recent permit filed 6/20/19, Planned Parenthood reported spending an additional $7.5M in construction costs to convert this former auto body shop into a medical clinic (source: SF Planning Commission website). That’s at least $13.5M of tax payer dollars spent on this facility. 
  • Fun fact: The parcel number for this clinic is “0666/006“, which we believe is no coincidence given the evil of abortion.
  • Similar to our first SF Fall campaign in 2019, we plan to pray at both the current Planned Parenthood location from Mondays through Saturdays and the new Bush Street location on Sundays.
  • Ron Konopaski, recipient of 40 Days for Life’s Leader of the Year award in 2019 and the Walk for Life’s St. Gianna Molla Award in 2020, will be once again leading the campaign.

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