Philly 2020 40 Days for Life Campaign- Day 1 Recap

The following is an email correspondence from Dr. Monqieu Ruberu. She offers a recap from each day of the 40 Days for Life campaign.
Dear Friends,

Today we had a beautiful day at the vigil!! Many thanks to the prolifers from St Richards under the leadership of Rosemary Cialberti and the prolifers from St Francis Xavier organized by Mickey Kelly and Guy Vacca!! we also had some awesome knights present at the end of the day!! Thanks Chas de Feo and friends!!!

Rosemary spent the whole day from 10am to 5 pm at 12th and locust!! Thank you for your love and dedication!!

One of the women at 12th and Locust was witnessed going into the women’s center after receiving a bag!! Thanks be to God a step in the right direction!!!

please continue to help us fill hours in the following days:

Thursday 2/27: 777 appletree 2pm

Thursday 2/27: 12th and Locust: 8 and 9

Friday 2/28: 12th and locust 12,3

Sat 2/29: 12th and loc: 12,1,2

Mon 3/2 12th and loc: 10,1,2

Visit here to sign up.

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