The New Back Alley: Abortion Advocates Push for Lethal Drugs to be Available Online

Today’s back alley does not include coat-hangers. It doesn’t even involve a physical alleyway at all. Rather, today’s back alley is at your fingertips. 

Back Alley Abortions

The following article is from Mark Harrington of Created Equal.

Vice President Seth Drayer has published a piece on the Created Equal blog exposing the unsupervised sale of abortion drugs. Abortion pills can be easily ordered online in a matter of minutes by anyone for as cheap as $90. Abortion supporters readily promote unregulated online pharmacies that sell and ship dangerous abortion drugs to women across the world, even in countries where abortion is illegal. The majority of these websites have no physician oversight. And the only one we could find connected to a physician is in direct violation of the authority of the FDA.

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The dangers of ordering abortion pills online have already led to breaking news in our home-base state of Ohio. Kalina Gillum, 21, and Braden Mull, 25, appeared in court in Licking County a few weeks ago, facing charges after they ordered medications online to abort their 28-week old baby. The baby died and was left in shoe box in a trash bag in their apartment. Police found the murdered child, after the hospital notified law officials when Gillum was admitted due to complications from her abortion.

While our movement seeks to protect children from the dangers of online abortion orders, many states are also passing legislation to ban doctors from prescribing abortion inducing drugs through telemedicine. Ohio is the 20th state to introduce a bill (Senate Bill 260) that bans telemedicine abortions. Created Equal was recently at the Ohio State House supporting this legislation.

Watch Gabriel Vance, our Director of External Affairs, testify in support of the telemedicine abortion ban. The testimony starts at 1:26:18.

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