Tell Their Story

Memorial-Crosses-2I am an avid newspaper reader. I read the Philadelphia Inquirer back to front and everything in between – including the death notices and obituaries. People lead interesting and inspiring lives, some in the spotlight, others under the radar screen.

Back in November 2019 Branko Lustig passed away.   The obituary title noted he was a producer and also a survivor. What he survived was Auschwitz. In recounting one of his memories from his time there he said he had witnessed seven prisoners hanged together in public execution and remembered all seven of them saying as one: “Remember how we died. Tell the story about us”.   Mr. Lustig did just that. He survived the prison camp and years later was one of the producers of the Academy Award winning movie Schindler’s List.

I do not think it is necessarily appropriate to compare one tragedy with another – they are each unique in their sadness and devastation. However, I would say that that particular quote could apply to those children who lost their life to abortion. We are all working to ensure that their story is remembered.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, February 2020 – another obituary. A gentleman who was an English professor at a local college. One of the quotes attributed to him was “I wanted to give a real shape to my life, to commit myself to a profession that would quicken the best part of me in useful work.” I was struck by the sentiment as well as the beautifully distinctive wording. Does each of us know how to quicken our best part when it comes to working against abortion? We all have some God-given talents that are stronger than others. Sometimes it takes us half a lifetime to figure out where our true talent lies. Let us use those “best part of me” skills in our battle to speak for the unborn.

We can learn so much from reading how other people lived their lives. Will others read our obituaries and be inspired by our words and actions during our lifetime? Perhaps we can start our inspirational story today by contacting the local 40 Days for Life campaign to schedule one hour of public witness outside an abortion center, or train to be a sidewalk counselor,  or promote funding for pregnancy centers, or contact our local government officials about voting for life not against it.

Remember how they died and tell their story – the best way each of us can.

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