Praying Through It All- 40 Days Update

From an email blast sent out by Dr. Monique Ruberu

Today was another blessed day at the vigil… Thank God for Lisa Guchaz and her crew from St Matts with help from St Monica’s Angel 🙂

Also thank God for our buddies from Holy Martyrs organized by Bob Gilles with additional help from new vigil participants Fran & Cathy and long-timers Bern and Tom… THANK YOU ALL for filling every hour!!!

today we have a lovely update from the front lines from Lisa,

” Today went quickly… many bags were handed out.   There are only a few left.” Every bag that is handed out contains a brochure with resources, a handwritten encouraging card was written by a prolifer, some candy and a coupon for a free ultrasound… every bag has the potential to save a life.

“Early in the day, the police were called and they entered planned parenthood.  The policemen exited with a gentleman talking about fathers’ rights.” Sadly most men don’t realize that they have no right to save their child from abortion in our country… planned parenthood will call the cops and have them escorted out if they try to save their child and mother of the baby… many men regret the abortions they were involved with.

“Later in the day, while we were praying a man spat on the ground near us as well as another man walking quickly by kicked my water bottle down the street.  As I watched him look back at me for my reaction I just continued to pray and he continued to kick my bottle. Unfortunately for him, my bottle was aluminum and I’m sure he will remember this day with a sore foot and hopefully a reminder not to do that again.”

she didn’t fight, she didn’t curse, she didn’t try and beat him up… she continued to pray…

if ever in danger always feel free to call 911.. the officers will send civil affairs and you will be protected… if you feel unsafe – walk away call 911 while you are walking if someone is bothering you.
“I did speak to a young girl exiting planned parenthood and mentioned the women’s center she said her cousin went there.  While she chose not to go today, there’s still hope.”Keep praying for this girl!!!

Thank you all for your help and prayers!!!

please continue to help us fill next week:

Monday 3/9: 12th and locust 8,11,1,3

tues 3/10: 12th and locust : 8,9,10,12,1,2,3,4

wed 3/11: 777 appletree: 9,10,11,12,1,2

Thurs 3/12: 12th and loc: 8,11,4

fri 3/13: 777 appletree: 12,1,2

Visit here to sign up today outside of Planned Parenthood (1144 Locust)

Visit here to sign up for Philadelphia Women’s Center vigil

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