Encounter with 6 Clients

This was from an email blast sent out yesterday by Dr. Monique Ruberu

Dear friends,

I wanted to share an encounter that our dear friend Marlene who leads the Hope Pregnancy Center sponsored by Greater Exodus Church shared with me… She has a total of 6 clients today!!!

6 couples that were looking for help on their path… 6 babies whose moms were trying to determine if they would allow them the gift of life… and every time Marlene met with them she was so open to God… His guidance, His word… the impression He placed on her heart as to how to best minister to the child He brought to her…

a young high school girl sat in front of Marlene… she didn’t appear like the overly studious type but instantly the Lord impressed upon Marlene that she was a good student…

Marlene asked her, “You’re a good student aren’t you” and the girl quietly replied, “yes”… “What are your grades like?” “Straight A’s”

Marlene instantly knew to continue trusting in the Lord within this conversation… The girl came in already resigned to have an abortion.. she came for the free pregnancy test to solidify her plan…

Marlene invited her and the father to sit with her… she explained that they are ALREADY parents, they are already a Man and Woman… acting like the baby isn’t real or their child isn’t going to make it so… they need to talk to her mother… share the truth and make decisions based on the facts…

she then had them read a card out loud… she had the young father read 6 points about adoption and the young mother read 6 points about abortion… this is what it sounded like :

Him: your pregnancy ends with giving life

Her: Your pregnancy ends with death

him: you can feel good about your choice

her: You may feel guilt and shame about your choice

him: You will remember giving birth

her; You will remember taking life

him: You will have plenty of time to plan you and your baby’s future

her: Abortion is final you will have no time to go back on this decision.
Him: You can hold, name and love your baby

her: You will never know or treasure your baby

him: You can have continued contact with your child and know how he or she is growing and developing

her: You will miss the opportunity to see your child grow and develop

After they read through this together out loud… Marlene turned to the young father… she said, you obviously care about her… do you want her to go through everything that comes with abortion… he responded, “No, and I don’t want my child to be killed”

Marlene prayed with them both… she signed them both up for an ultrasound a few days later, please please pray that this young couple returns to see their child

Please pray for Marlene and all the other Pregnancy Help Centers that care for the men and women we so desire to minister to.
please fill these hours tomorrow and maybe you can be the one who sends the next person to the centers for help!!!

Tuesday 3/10: 12th and locust : 3,4

Wed 3/11: 777 appletree 12,1

thursday 3/12: 777 appletree: Tom Stevens CEO of the pro life union will be out there.. go pray with him at 11,12,1

friday 3/13: 777 appletree: come pray with Bernadette at 11, or fill an empty hour at 12,1,2

mon 3/16: 12th and locust: 9,10,11,12,1,2,4

God bless you all!!

dr Monique


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