Brave Pastor, Brave Flock

An email blast from Dr. Monique Ruberu

Have you ever noticed that the poorest of the poor are frequently the most generous… they willingly share what little they have without asking for anything in return…

They are blessed.., they are being the hands and feet of Jesus…

Many of us come from big church communities with beautiful sanctuaries, lovely padded pews, collection baskets that are filled at multiple masses or services… People come to church driving expensive cars and when a request is made to give one hour of their time to spend praying outside of abortion Centers we are lucky to get 3 volunteers… everyone else looks away or looks at the floor as they pass us by…

Yet in the depths of Philly, there is a beautiful small but growing community of Christians… Ones that serve and give until it hurts… and then they give more. I’m speaking of Pastor Curtis and the members of the Philadelphia Ekklesia church… I visited them last year, They worship in rented space from a stained window factory, they worship on foldable chairs, and they give everything they have.
their prayers and worship are beautiful.. and they are led by a Truly pro-life pastor. Pastor Curtis prays outside of 12th and locust every Monday. Every Saturday he prays with his children outside of the downtown abortion Centers again. His community makes many of the blessing bags you hand out while praying outside, they come as a church to fill the vigil, and they even throw baby showers for moms that have chosen life.
Their church is not wealthy in terms of dollars and cents, but they are SO wealthy in terms of love, compassion, service, generosity, kindness and doing God’s work.
May we all try to be more like Pastor Curtis as his church!!!

please join us in filling these hours:

Thursday 3/12: 12th and locust 8,9

Friday 3/13: 777 appletree: 11,1

Tues 3/17: 12th and locust 8,11,1,2,3

Tues 3/17: 777 appletree: 1,2

Wed 3/18: 777 appletree 9,10,11,12,1,2

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