Bucks County PA Primary David and Goliath Battle: Andy Meehan, Challenger vs. Brian Fitzpatrick, Establishment Incumbent

“Congressman Fitzpatrick has voted again and again with Democrats for Gun Bans, Red Flag Gun Confiscation, Planned Parenthood, Amnesty, Obamacare, Carbon Taxes, Transgender “Rights” and publicly condemning President Trump as a “racist”.”  Andy Meehan

Andy Meehan, Candidate for Congress, Bucks County PA (District 1)

Andy Meehan is a Christian warrior who believes in the sanctity of life, family values, our Constitution and the right for all Americans to expect their elected representatives to fight for the freedoms that generations of our soldiers bled and died for.

On April 28th the Republican party will hold a primary election in Bucks County, PA District 1. Andy Meehan is taking on the establishment incumbent Brian Fitzpatrick.  This is a battle between a patriot and politician, David and Goliath

According to Freedom Works, a conservative organization their score card recorded the votes of 276 Republican congressmen and senators.  Brian Fitzpatrick scored lower than 272 Republicans with a score of 64%. In 2017, he voted against defunding Planned Parenthood.  In addition, he has supported far-left legislation.  He’s widely known by his constituents as a RINO and a democrat.  Click here to view a comprehensive list of Brian Fitzpatrick’s votes, positions, and statements.

Andy Meehan is fighting battles on many fronts.  The Fitzpatrick campaign has $1.4 million dollars, most of which is from interest groups outside the county.  The media, for the most part, is shunning him and Fitzpatrick refuses to debate him.

The following are excerpts from a statement Andy Meehan submitted to Voices for Life blog:

“There is a battle being waged for the heart and soul of the Bucks County Republican Party.  On one side are the bought and paid for Doylestown Republican establishment. The head of the Republican committee in Bucks County uses her power to intimidate and manipulate people into voting for the candidates she endorses, including Brian Fitzpatrick.”

“The Republican party expects us to support candidates who do not represent our values. They have disdain for the voters and distance themselves from President Trump and conservatives. They pretend to be Trump supporters, but they do not walk the talk.”

“They represent Goliath.”

“On the other side is a grassroots conservative Christian businessman who is unabashedly Pro-Trump, Pro-life, who has lived in, operated business in, and raised a family in the district since 1983.”

“With little funding, no prior political experience, I represent what the rank and file Republicans and Trump supporters value:

  • We are pro-life, pro-second amendment.
  • We want border security, law, and order, less government, and taxes, more power to the individual and more liberty.
  • We want nothing to do with identity politics and radical left social engineering projects like supporting transgender rights and forcing Christians to bake cakes *.
  • We are fed up and we are rising up to reclaim what is ours, but it is an uphill battle against a powerful foe.
  • We simply want our party and our candidates to stand up for our values and our       President, and they have not done that.”

“I am David.

*Christian Baker sued for refusing to bake cake for transgender person.

Blogger’s Note:  Please stand with Andy Meehan to defeat Goliath on behalf of our God-given rights to life, family and freedom. Sign up to volunteer, make calls, hand out flyers and donate to his campaign.  Below is his website and informational links. Help elect Andy Meehan to defeat Brian Fitzpatrick, the establishment candidate. 

 Andy Meehan’s Website 
Andy Meehan’s Agenda
Link to Fitzwatch
Campaign Contributions

To mail a donation, make check payable to:
PO BOX 1153

Questions or Information call: 866-263-9401



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