Corona Virus Concerns; 40 Days Urges Caution But Be Present

Here are several email blasts from the Greater Philadelphia area campaign leaders regarding the coronavirus and how to go about it. Please be sure to use common sense if you decide to go forward with your commitment outside of these places of death. As of now, abortion facilities will continue to be open to murdering babies in spite of the pandemic.

Rachel Hayes- Chester County

40 Days for Life campaign headquarters has informed campaign leaders to monitor and comply with all national, state, and local health and safety regulations regarding the coronavirus/Covid-19.

You may be aware that Chester County has now had its first confirmed case, and the County is currently urging residents to avoid gyms, venues, and large public gatherings.

As our vigil is held outdoors and there is no necessity to be in close proximity to others, here are the recommended guidelines to follow while holding vigil:

Practice social distancing at your vigil sites by remaining three feet away from other participants and avoid physical contact such as handshakes and hugs. As we have all already been instructed from the beginning of this outbreak, if you are ill or a close family member is ill, please do not go out in public.

During this Lenten season, as we are already praying and fasting for an end to abortion and the protection of innocent human life, let us also pray for an end to the spread of this potentially deadly virus and for the health and safety of all our neighbors, born and unborn.

If there is any change to the Chester County recommendations I will send an updated notice. Of course, if you are uncomfortable holding vigil, please feel free to pray from home.

Anita Flynn- Planned Parenthood-Comly Road

Please know that you should not feel obligated to stand up at Comly Road if you are at all uncomfortable about being out in public during this time.  We never want anyone to be uncomfortable up there. Please feel free to contact me to cancel any time you may have scheduled.  There will be another vigil in the Fall and hopefully, by then this will have passed.

Any questions or concerns about our local vigil during this time let me know.  If you prefer to contact the 40 Days for Life organization directly about the email below here is their contact info:






Prayers that all who have contracted this virus will recover and that anyone feeling the downstream effects of this will have the support they need.

Monique Ruberu- Philadelphia Campaigns

I know with all of the coronavirus concern many of you are hesitant to go and pray outside of these centers.

Sadly although schools are closed, and nonessential businesses I don’t believe that the abortion centers are closing.

I can almost guarantee you that you will be standing alone or with another person in prayer… you are free to stand more than 6 feet apart, greet one another with waves and elbow taps, you can even wear a mask 🙂  but please consider coming out to pray.

The coronavirus has killed people, but the abortion center continues to kill 6000 babies a year. That’s 23 babies every day they are open.
It’s about 6 babies for every hour you stand there… so can you please come and pray for the 6 babies nobody else is standing up for?

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