Using this time with a pro-life purpose

Our lifestyle has changed dramatically in a very short time. But extra time at home now gives us an opportunity perhaps to bring more people into active participation in pro-life activities and to increase our own knowledge and support for this cause. Below are just a few ideas to use this time with purpose. While these suggestions specify organizations in the Philadelphia region, the sentiment is the same regardless of your locale.

  blogpic4   *Share the 40 Days for Life website with others who may now be home more than usual and schedule an hour of prayer and support outside your local abortion center (following whatever CDC recommendations are in place as to number of people and distancing).

       *Substitute what would have been your commute time with extra time to pray for an end to abortion or meditate on ways you can best use your talents to participate in this goal.

       *Search out local pro-life organizations and request to be added to their contact list so you can follow current news and participate in upcoming events. (example Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia).

     *Check out the Sidewalk Servant training videos on the Pro-Life Union’s website to learn more about following best practices standing vigil outside an abortion center.Unplanned

     *Watch “Unplanned” or lend your copy to someone who hasn’t seen it. It is also available to rent/buy from your cable provider (e.g. Comcast On Demand)

     *Contact local/state/federal representatives – either to thank those who support a pro-life agenda or to question those that do not

       *Contact women’s pregnancy centers about volunteer opportunities – they may be limiting the number of volunteers onsite at this time but you can be ready for when things return to normal. Also ask them what supplies they are in need of and perhaps schedule an online order to ship directly to them. (Examples: A Baby’s Breath, Legacy of Life).

     *If shopping online thru Amazon, you can link to various charities through their Amazon smile program – I know Generation Life is one of them as my purchases are linked to this organization. AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. See if you can link any pro-life charities to your AmazonSmile account. You can also set up automatic donations to pro-life charities you wish to support routinely. Most have details on their websites.

Some of us may be doing all these things. Some of us may be doing a few and meant to check into the others and just never had the time. Personally, I want to check into possible volunteer opportunities at A Baby’s Breath – I kept meaning to but it never happened. Now, it will.

And one more thing we need to do — keep the patients who have contracted the virus in our prayers that they may recover.

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