Yard Signs can Speak out for you During Covid 19 Crisis

This is a great idea from John Pisciotta of Waco, Texas for those who are sheltering in place during this virus crisis.  Display your signs on your lawns for a pro-life witness to your neighbors! 

Signs Pro-life outreach in Waco is modifying and drawing back slightly–with regrets. The Covid 19 threat is real and deadly. The Planned Parenthood threat to babies is also real and deadly. We cannot abandon the battle for life. At this time of serious health concern, I want to emphasize the importance of you and your family having a stronger yard sign proclamation. I have five types of yard signs available for you, free of charge, at my front doorstep. As we draw back in some ways, we can escalate our pro-life message with yard signs. If you have a yard, there is no excuse for not displaying a yard sign. If you have one, please consider two. Corner lots look nice with 3 or 4. At my doorstep at 4200 Grim Avenue, you will find signs with the following messages: Vote Pro-Life, Pray to End Abortion in English, Pray to End Abortion in Spanish, Choose Life with a photo of a Anglo/Hispanic mom and baby, and Choose Life with an African-American mom and baby.

You will also find some stakes without signs. Take one of these if the stake on one of your signs has broken. If you live outside of Waco and travel through, you are welcome to choose a free sign provide by the generous Pro-Life Waco donors. We must continue to let our neighbors know that they have neighbors who deeply care about the shedding of innocent blood.
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