Action Item: Please Contact the Pennsylvania Department of Health

The following is from Ted Meehan, a long-time pro-life leader in SE Pennsylvania.  Ted recently wrote to the Pennsylvania Department of Health to find out why abortion centers were being exempted from the mandatory lock down in our state caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.   As you can see by the letter they sent him (see attached), they denied his request for this information.  

I’m urging everyone in Pennsylvania to send a similar request to the Department of Health for this information.  Residents of Pennsylvania have a right to ask this question and receive an explanation for the DOH bias.  We all know that Governor Wolf is extremely pro-abortion (he used to be a ‘deathscort’ for Planned Parenthood) and always sides with the culture of death.  Here is the link to contact DOH.  I hope others will join Ted and me in contacting the DOH.  If you get a response, please send a copy to us as  We would love to know how many wrote and also what your response was.  Hopefully, it will be better than what Ted received.  



From Ted Meehan

I had sent a request to DOH asking for the logic for exempting abortion centers from the Wolf shut down  applying to churches, schools, businesses not involved in life sustaining activities, and all non-essential government offices. This shut down also banned “elective medical procedures” In fact the Governor added that “no one should even leave their home unless they are involved in a life sustaining activity”.

Please see the  DOH answer in the attachment below and additional information in the comment section.

RTKL-MSC-68-2020 Meehan Final Response

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  1. voicesforlife788062760 April 16, 2020 / 1:05 pm

    The following is from Anita Flynn, a writer on this blog.

    I had contacted Harrisburg probably over 10 days ago about this and the DOH referred me back to the DCED (Dept of Community and Economic Development) which houses the waiver list.

    I later saw in an email with a suggestion about contacting Dept of consumer protection/L&I which I did and below is the response I got from them:

    Just based on my experience, not sure the DOH will get involved. I also emailed the communication people for the DCED but did not get a reply.

    What I think needs to happen is where are all these medical people who are clamoring for equipment? Have they asked why the abortion centers are allowed to stay open using critical supplies? I think the message would bear more weight from them since they are the ones that need it. Are there any pro-life/medical groups who could perhaps get the message out there in the public?

    Good Afternoon,

    If you believe this type of facility should be listed on the Governor’s closure list you can contact the state as our office has no control over what the Governor’s office has chosen to allow to remain in operation. The contact information for the state is below. The state government has not made the waivers public nor available to our office so any inquiries in relation to waivers need to be handled by the state as well.

    Their email is: and the website is

    Thank you for contacting our office with your inquiry.


    Tom Rorvik

    Consumer Investigator

    Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection

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