GREAT NEWS for Praise & Intercession!

Some really great news below from Rachel Hayes, 40 Days for Life Leader in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Chester County PP

This past Friday at West Chester Planned Parenthood,  a sidewalk counselor was able to reach a mom in need before she went in for her abortion appointment. While others prayed nearby, by the end of the conversation this mom of a 1-year-old received information on life-affirming options, was given hope of a better choice for her family and made the decision to have her husband come and pick her up!

We rejoice and give all glory to God that this woman was turned away from choosing death for her child yesterday! When it comes to abortion, fear often clouds judgment and leads to the death of the innocent, but love empowers, rejoices in hope, drives out all fear, and brings life. Please pray that this family would reach out to Chester County Women’s Center or any other place offering real hope, real support, and real help through a difficult time. Pray that this young mom is empowered and encouraged to love and cherish her unborn child just as much as her born child. Pray that the father steps up with courage and strength to care for and protect his family.

The parking lot was remarkably light for abortion day at WC PP. PTL! May God be merciful to use this current health crisis to cut into abortion revenue and close WC PP for good.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for the most vulnerable among us, and your good deeds done in the name of Christ Jesus to bring an end to the evil of abortion.  – 1 Peter 2:11-12

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