Pennsylvania Action Alert! Contact Governor Wolf on the Telemedicine Bill

Please see the urgent message from Ted Meehan below on the Telemedicine bill which is headed to Governor Wolf’s desk.   Please make sure to contact Gov Wolf and urge him to sign this bill into law as is.  Contact information is included below.



Yesterday, the Pennsylvsnia Legislature passed a Tele-Med bill which was meant to assist people in rural areas to get access to healthcare. It had been amended to preclude this technique from enabling Web Cam abortions, simply by stating that Tele Med could not be used for any procedures which would not currently be legal.

Governor Wolf has indicated he will veto this abortion-neutral bill. He must have more abortions, or he doesn’t care about improving access to actual healthcare.
Please call Governor Wolf to leave a message asking him not to veto the Tele Med Bill at  (717) 787-2500.   Then email him using this link.  
AND PLEASE use your social media to get word out that this critically important bill needs to becomes law – without more abortions!
God bless each one for your loving faithfulness to the babies!

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