Some Good News from Delaware County, Pa.

Ever wonder if our prayers and public witness have an impact?  Here is some good news from Delaware County, Pennsylvania which was reported in the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia newsletter.  As we are asked to do, please pray for Mr. Adamo and his advisors, and please remember that your public witness and prayers do indeed have a positive impact.  

crozer houspital

In 1973, three OB-Gyns at Crozer Hospital formed a partnership and created the Reproductive Health Counseling Center (RHCC) on the hospital grounds to begin aborting children.  Immediately, the pro-life people of Delaware County began protesting there. In the 1970s, 80s and 90s, there were hundreds of arrests of pro-lifers and thousands of deaths of unborn children.

In 2011, when Kermit Gosnell’s crimes were discovered, the Pa. Dept. of Health was forced by legislation to begin inspecting abortion clinics.  Fourteen abortion facilities were shut down for violations, one being RHCC.  After this killing center was shut down, Delaware County Women’s Center opened up on the property of Crozer Chester Hospital. This center offers no surgical abortions, but the abortion pills given there have taken the lives of approximately 1,300 children each year.

Last winter, folks again began to witness at this abortion facility and this Lent, Respect Life groups from various churches nearby ramped up their prayer and witness there.

Led by pro-life attorney, John Williamson, pro-life people began to write letters and emails to the President of Crozer Hospital, Peter Adamo and finally a meeting was granted. Ted Meehan, Dr. John Huyette and John Williamson met with Mr. Adamo and asked that they work together to make Crozer Chester Medical Center abortion free.  Mr. Adamo does not want the hospital to be associated with abortion. This meeting bore amazing fruit!  It was agreed that there would be no elective abortions performed in the hospital and that there might be consideration that the lease of Delaware County Women’s Center be terminated. They also agreed to ask the Center that there be no abortions performed during the pandemic.  They will consider allowing pro-life counselors to be on the property to give women life-saving information.  We will let you know when we hear any updates. Please pray for Mr. Adamo and his advisors to make the choice for the health and welfare of moms and babies in Delaware County! And to remain TRUE to their commitment to terminate the lease.



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