“If you feel that we are not doing enough for pro-life, and we may not be doing enough, turn to the station  There will be something going on all day today (note in the message below and tomorrow note in the message below*).  Babies are still dying in the US* to the hands who believe in killing them as their right.  Read the sidebar for the daily programming.”  – Sandy Slater, President, Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition

from Allan E. Parker, President , The Justice Foundation

Ending abortion will not occur without prayer and cooperation among many groups.   It’s a battle that requires us all to work together.  Catholic and Protestant, all ethics groups, all pro-life groups.  

One group that is very good at working with other groups, including The Justice Foundation, is Priests for Life. Here is some special information from them:
As part of their special daily programming at www.EndAbortion.TV, they began on Friday, May 8, an educational series of videos on the Louisiana Abortion Case currently in the Supreme Court. Both Operation Outcry and The Moral Outcry filed briefs in that case.
“In this series of videos on the June Medical Services Case. They explore the legal issues involved in this case, examine the arguments made in the various Friend of the Court briefs, explore how dangerous and unregulated the abortion industry is, listen to the testimonies of women harmed by abortion, delve into the strategic elements of this case for the whole pro-life movement, and talk about what you can do regarding this case; beginning with participation in a prayer campaign. A prayer for victory, and other information about this case is at Supreme Court VictoryOperation Outcry also has a prayer campaign going on as well.  Prayer is very personal, but can be powerful corporately as well. Please consider joining one or the other or other pro-life groups in prayer.”
You may want to educate yourself about this and other pro-life cases so you can easily and clearly articulate the pro-life message to family and friends, on social media and wherever else you can.
The series will air on the following days at 9 am ET:
  • Wednesday, May 13: Episode 4 – Interview with Allan Parker, President of The Justice Foundation
  • Thursday, May 14: Episode 5 – Interview with Thomas Glessner, President of (NIFLA)
This special programming and more can be seen at www.EndAbortion.TV

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