Louisville Pro-lifers Fighting Abortion and PP with Purple Lights

Pro-life warriors in Louisville, Kentucky have found a way to fight against the evils of abortion right from their own homes using purple lighting.  They would like to see their idea spread across the U.S.A.  Below is from an email I received from Wednesday Stop Report this novel concept.  



We find that there is no end to the creativeness of those who fight against the murder of pre-born children.

Abortions are currently committed at the Louisville Women’s Clinic and Planned Parenthood already has a license from the state to begin abortions in the city. PP had originally planned to start doing abortions on March 30, but the pandemic seems to have delayed that.

Pro-lifers in the city let me know that the residents are being encouraged to light their homes (usually the outside front door lights) with the color green in solidarity with all those affected by the coronavirus. This is a positive initiative and many city residents are doing it.

However, pro-life residents are upset about the fact that many abortion clinics are remaining open during the pandemic. Many pre-born lives are being snuffed out every day.

They asked, “Why not also illuminate our homes to represent the dignity of every human being’s life!?”

As they began planning, they selected bright purple lights as what they should use. As they explained to STOPP, the color purple not only sparks the imagination, but it is the color of spirituality and dignity. Purple is an introspective color. The bright purple lights will draw attention for others to inquire and an opportunity for us to inform.

Soon, bright purple lights began popping up and local pro-lifers became very enthusiastic. A local hardware store agreed to stock a quantity of the lights and to give discounts for large orders.

With the success of this idea in Louisville, local folks asked the Wednesday STOPP Report to help them spread the idea to other communities. We, of course, are always looking for new ideas to spread the word on the need to fight abortion and Planned Parenthood.

As the Louisville pro-lifers said in their e-mail to us: “Empower yourself with the color purple and turn your switch ‘on’ to the purple light bulb!!!”

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