Young Adult Summer Volunteer Opportunities from Pro-Life Union

COLLEGE STUDENTS and YOUNG ADULTS (or can you refer one?):   Is your internship delayed?   Seeking true joy?   There is no greater experience than serving.  We are seeking volunteers to enroll in one or both of two programs: 

Sidewalk Outreach Advance 
Participate in regular team training/support calls and participate in active prayer and outreach 6 to 18 hours weekly in front of an abortion facility.

Ambassadors for Life
Are you a social media guru?  Steer a movement.  Change minds.  Save a life.  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok.  Defend, connect, design, and spark conversation to help the Pro-Life Union influence as many as possible. 

Contact our office at or complete the volunteer form at .  

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