Memorial Day Reflection

Happy Memorial Day

Hard to believe that we are celebrating another Memorial Day weekend. Whether we are quarantined or locked down, it is a time we pause and remember the millions of men and women who have laid down their lives for our country.

Unfortunately, it happens every day when 3,000 Americans are led to the slaughter at abortion facilities in the United States. Where is the outcry?

Since 1973, 61 million Americans have been murdered by abortion. That is more casualties than the Second World War. From an American standpoint, it is more than the men and women who were killed in the wars America was involved in combined.

These men and women fought for the inalienable right to life since our country’s founding. Today, we are a punch line to atheists, Judas Catholics, water down Christians, and even liberals. Like the men and women who have laid down their lives for our countries, we must lay down out lives for the unborn children.


  1. Take time to pray for an end to abortion
  2. Educate your children/grandchildren about the importance of the holiday.
  3. For this holiday and all other, you are asked to pray this special rosary. The quotes are optional. You’re welcome to use scripture in their places.
  4. Pray the Patriotic Divine Mercy Chaplet. In place of “Have mercy on us”, insert the name of each 50 state. Here’s an example: “Have mercy on Pennsylvania, and on the whole world.”
  5. Fast and pray for the families grieving the loss of those who paid the supreme sacrifice

“A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” Gilbert Keith Chesterton

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