Million Voices for Life: 24 Hour Live Prayer, Worship, and Ministry Streaming Event May 29th-30th 2020

The Spiritual Army of Justice Arising for the End of Abortion
and to Promote Life

Unborn Baby

Below is information on a live streaming 24 hour prayer and worship event.  It is sponsored by Million Voices for Life. 

Million Voices For Life is a unique streaming event hosted live by dozens of partners across the US. It begins on Friday evening May 29th, the weekend of Pentecost, or Shavuot, and continues for 24hrs.

We invite you to a strategic “Million Voices for Life” Prayer Call this Pentecost Weekend, May 29, 6:00 PM (CST) through May 30, 6:00 PM (CST). Register to attend at no charge!

The Biblical outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost ushered in a new LIFE movement on the earth when God breathed the breath of Holy Spirit LIFE and power into His church and the world has never been the same!

An amazing group of Holy Spirit inspired tech people have joined forces to produce this incredibly organized, cutting edge, 24 hour, first-ever Global Million Voices for Life prayer event as an offering to the Lord at no charge to us.

The Moral Outcry Petition and its founders, Melinda and Denny Thybault, will host the first segment. Our goal over the weekend is to help create a wave of prayer momentum for the principles in  The Moral Outcry Petition  and over a million signers to help bring about the End of Abortion.                                         

Many national ministry leaders will join the call, as well as worshippers and prayer leaders. Please see  to view more specific content and prayer times over the 24 hours. Please share with others. Register to attend at no charge! Register to get reminders!

The Justice Foundation and Operation Outcry will lead the 4th and 5th hours (May 29, Friday, 9 pm – 11 pm CST). Prayer for the Supreme Court will be between 3 am to 6 am (CST) Saturday morning. See more of the schedule at

By joining us on any part of the call, you will be part of the Spiritual Army of Justice arising to seek the favor of God for justice and mercy for Life! We will be praying for the Supreme Court as they are currently deciding the Louisiana abortion case.

Please join us for any or all of the Million Voices for Life Prayer Event! Go to  today and register or go here to register on Facebook. We’ll go live on The Justice Foundation, The Moral Outcry Facebook, Million Voices, Operation Outcry and other Facebook Pages.

Allan E. Parker
President, The Justice Foundation
Attorney for The Moral Outcry Petition and
Operation Outcry Amicus Curiae Briefs

SIGN UP on NEW PRAYER APP! CLICK HERE This will help us administrate the facilitation of this prayer event.              

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