Black Lives Matter! And What of Blacks in the Woman’s Womb?

You have heard the chants, “Black Lives Matter”. That has been the battle cry of the unarmed black men and women who were murdered by law enforcement such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. This month, the nation has been shaken to the core as an unarmed black man and woman were murdered in the name of police brutality

Sadly, the movement has forgotten their most vulnerable… black babies in the womb.

The abortion industry has murdered more blacks than AIDs, cancer, the Ku Klux Klan and gun violence combined. In America, 1,200 black babies are murdered every day in America in the name of eugenics and even racism.

If black lives matter, then where is the outrage when more of them are likely to be killed by abortion than other leading causes of death?

In Margaret Sanger’s words, “Negroes are like weeds; we must pluck them out of our garden”.

Is that too racist to stomach as a concerned African American?

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