Voices for Life Prayer Campaign Week 5 – PA State Rep Brian Sims

simsWe are in our 5th week of our 6-week prayer campaign for elected officials who support ending newly created life through abortion on demand.  Please join us as we pray for our candidate this week Democratic Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims.  Though he is not a marquee national name, in a way he represents all small town, city and state government representatives who have an opportunity to keep progressing through the political ranks – and at each step gathering more power.  If we could change their disdain for our pre-born children early on, we might not have to fight the pro-life battle at every political front later on.

Brian Sims became newsworthy in the Philadelphia area for videotaping himself while he verbally chastised a peaceful witness outside a Planned Parenthood in downtown Philadelphia.  In another incident he continued this irrational and aggressive behavior while a woman with three girls were praying outside the same abortion center, offering a bounty to anyone who could identify them.

He states he will continue to protect women’s rights and is committed to being a better advocate and ally for women’s rights.

Sims needs our prayers not only for his lack of recognition for our preborn children but also for the rage that he is unable to control.  We ask the Lord to bring a sense of peace to this man so that he can hear His message, and so that he can engage in valuable dialogue with those who hold a different point of view from his – that children have a right to live their lives.

Give up your anger, abandon your wrath;

Do not be provoked; it brings only harm.

Those who do evil will be cut off,

But those who wait for the Lord will possess the land.

(Psalm 37, 8-9)


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