Conf. Call to Launch 2020 Pro-Life Election Efforts in S.E. Pa

The following is from Mike McGonagle, founder of Generation Life.

Dear Pro-Life Friend:


On behalf of our Political Action Director, Ted Meehan, and the leaders of our affiliates in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties, I request that you participate in the efforts of our area’s pro-life movement to assist in the re-election of President Trump and other statewide and local pro-life candidates.  We request that you commence this participation by joining a Conference Call on Thursday, June 25, 2020 at either 11:00 AM or at 7:30 PM. 

Election’s Importance

Donald Trump has compiled the most pro-life record of any U.S. President.  He deserves our strongest support for his re-election against an opponent, Joe Biden, who has become a most intense supporter of the Culture of Death.  Numerous websites, such as Priests for Life, the National Right to Life Committee, and others, provide detailed contrasts of these candidates.

The Importance of Pennsylvania

If President Trump again wins Pa., he is highly likely to win re-election.  In 2016, he won Pa. by about 42,000 votes of about 4.5 million cast.  So, the extensive efforts of the Pa. pro-life movement then proved decisive to this victory.

A Reminder Regarding the Ora of Ora et Labora (Pray and Work)

This correspondence and our upcoming activities focus on our temporal efforts.  Nevertheless, our spiritual appeals remain crucial and many organizations are sponsoring spiritual activities for the outcome of the 2020 Election.  For example, I believe that such activities (e.g., our 2015 Year of Mercy appeals) bore fruit in the 2016 Election results in Pa.  Back to the labora

Overall Strategy

Our 2020 Election activities will be in two broad categories.

1. Persuading citizens who are likely to vote to reject pro-death candidates and to support pro-life candidates; and

2. increase turnout from normally unlikely voters, but who are likely to support pro-life candidates if they vote.

In a recent email, Ted expanded on the second strategy.

“A normal midterm election turnout is about 38%.  In 2018, because of the Left’s hatred of Trump, it was 53% – which is about where Presidential turnouts usually total.  Catholics tend to outperform the rest of the electorate in percentage of turnout – normally making them more valuable as a voting bloc.  (In an across the board turnout of 50%.  Catholics will come out at 60%.)

“The key in this election is to increase Catholic turnout by an additional 10%.  If we can mobilize 70% of Catholics to vote, I believe Trump will carry Pennsylvania.  If he carries Pennsylvania, he is very likely to win.  The issues important to Catholics (Life, Religious Liberty, Marriage, Family) need to be laid out in a comparative piece.  But the next task is driving people to vote.  Every possible thing that increases our turnout has to be employed.  Lit drops, phone banks, prayer groups, door to door.  And new things nobody has ever thought of before.  We need a big input of ideas – and the volunteers to execute them.”

Common Activities

The implementation of both of these strategies requires common activities such as literature distributions (particularly at Churches), phone banking, canvassing, voter registration drives, and other activities.

An Important New Endeavor: Mail-In Voting

The success of our 2020 Election efforts in Pa. will require effecting the good use of mail-in voting, which has similarities and differences from absentee voting.  Republican candidates have usually done better with absentee ballots than Democrat candidates.  However, Democrat candidates are currently better at mail-in voting.  So, we will need to quickly learn how to generate mail-in votes from likely pro-life voters.

Our Allies

We will have significant assistance from other organizations, such as the Pa. Trump 2020 Campaign, state and local Republican Parties, the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) and Catholic Vote (CV).  For example, SBA List is seeking paid canvassers (at $10 per hour, plus travel reimbursement) and CV is seeking volunteer phone callers from a callers’ smart phone with a special app that gives a CV caller ID and records responses.

Our June 25, 2020 Call Agenda

This Call, which will last 30-40 minutes, (both at 11:00 AM and at 7:30 PM) will feature Pa. representatives of SBA List, CV and Pa.’s Trump 2020 campaign.  The main presenter is Heather Heidelbaugh, who is from Southwest Pa. and is the pro-life Republican nominee for Pa. Attorney General ( against the very pro-abortion incumbent, Josh Shapiro.

Only the Beginning

This Call seeks to build enthusiasm and recruit local leaders for and participants in our 2020 Election activities.  Additional calls and meetings will be scheduled.

Please Contact Us

Whether or not you participate in this June 25, 2020 Call, please contact me or your local leader if you are willing to participate in these and other activities.  The “other” activities could be promoting a prayer vigil and protest at an upcoming Wilmington Cathedral Saturday Vigil Mass if Joe Biden returns there.

These local leaders are

Bucks County
Sandy Slater – 215-538-1390

Chester County
Jack O’Brien – 610-692-2122

Delaware County
John Williamson – 610-717-8938

Montgomery County
Kathy Sobocinski – 610-584-4291   

Northeast Philadelphia
Howard Walton – 215-698-0820

South Philadelphia
Pat Stanton – 267-718-4851

Other Parts of Philadelphia
Mike McMonagle – 215-393-3610


Thank you for reading this correspondence.  Please join this call and encourage others to join. 

Please contact Mike McGonagle at for info on the conference call.

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