John Lewis Legacy on Abortion

The Democrats has lost another Civil Rights Activist turned career politician. John Lewis, a Representative from Georgia, passed away at the age of 80 of late stage pancreatic cancer.

Lewis is known for being brutally beaten on the bridge of Selma and was pivotal figure of the 1965 Civil Rights Act. He is the last survivor of the 1963 March on Washington.

Sadly, Lewis may have been a relentless champion in the advancement of Civil Rights, yet he has failed to defend the most vulnerable, the unborn.

Time and time again, he scored a perfect 100% on supporting advancements on abortion on demand by NARAL.

How should we remember the late, John Lewis? We should never forget how he never stood up for the voiceless throughout his political career.

How ironic is that a Civil Rights champion could not defend the rights of unborn African Americans in the womb.

For a full listing of his voting record, visit here.