This is an opinion blog to discuss the phenomenon surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. All sides are going to be explored objectively with an overall conclusion. There will be some theories known and not known linked to the post. You are asked to approach the issue at hand with an open mind and form your conclusion while being aware of your own surroundings.


Hard to believe that we are nearly a half a year into the Coronavirus pandemic that has taken the lives of more than 100,000 Americans while nearly 3 million have recovered from the novel virus. Many of us have questions regarding the virus, the debate over masks and potential vaccine, and how well state leaders have handled it.


There has been mixed responses from many government leaders from the top down. Five governors (Gretchen, Wolf, Cuomo, Murphy, and Newsom) have placed elderly who tested positive in nursing homes to spread the virus, resulting in a high death toll.

First Hand Account

A nurse turned investigative journalist shares her experience firsthand in New York.


It goes without showing the pandemic has brought up a big topic… masks. One side claims that wearing masks for a prolonged period of time will result in compromising your immune system and even leading to other side effects that can be dangerous. The other side that it is effective in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. True, yet you have germs on your mask or cloth, so it has to be placed in the wash after use or be disposed.

It has also came up on whether or not that wearing a mask can be argue for the pro-life case. One side believes that it will prevent the virus from spreading person to person. The other does not want to be coerced into wearing a mask for personal liberties are being violated by government mandates left and right.

Social Distancing vs. Physical Distancing

You’re probably tried of hearing “social distancing” from the news, intercom from stores, and even belligerent neighbors. What if I were to tell you that this was borrowed from a 2010 movie called Contagion? Even psychologists are warning people to not buy the lame stream media narrative and set the record straight on the distancing. Remember, maintain social connections such as friends, families, book groups, colleagues, etc while setting yourself apart from others during public gathering. There is even a dangerous risk on your mental health when you socially distance yourself from others.

Abortion Industry Political and Profit Gain/ Churches Closed

Sadly, there has been a pandemic that has existed since 1973… legalized abortion. Abortion industry has used fear-mongering as a tool to keep their doors open, no matter what and recklessly endanger women. Meanwhile, churches were closed for a mere three months in many states. Why did the clergy allow this to happen? Catholics were deprived of the Eucharist, faithful are not allowed to sing, and even people have to be spaced out when in attendance fulfilling their Sunday obligation.


We should not judge someone who is not wearing a mask. Granted we do not want to be sheep that will follow anything that clueless officials know about the issue. Instead of being angry about what is going on, be ready to pray even harder for an end to the pandemic. Use your best judgment.

We cannot just be pro-life in our prayers, but we can also exercise our beliefs through action. Pro-lifers need to exercise the conviction that is planted in our minds in order to change hearts and mind. That starts Wirth you if we want to change society. Change will not come form the halls of congress, the White House, courtrooms, and even state capitals. Instead, it comes from the streets filled with God-fearing foot soldiers called by God who will engage in not only the spiritual warfare but also the human life issue.

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