The following is from an email blast sent by Mike McGonagle of the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania

July 23, 2020 Event

Approximately 75 people attended this Event, which was held at the White Manor Country Club in Malvern.  I am very grateful to Rebecca Brooks, the Catering Director, for her resilience in overcoming numerous obstacles to host this Event, such as last minute capacity changes (from 25%, i.e. 75 to only 25 inside), to phone threats to disrupt the Event, to hostile weather forecasts.

We heard a challenge from Randy Terry to repent of the Church’s comfort with the regular killing of children in the womb in our own communities and to zealously use the remainder of our lives to overcome this apathy.  He specifically challenged us to avoid “normal decorum” in our advocacy for the November 3, 2020 General Election, i.e., be willing to make others uncomfortable in urging them to not vote for Joe Biden.

I described several practical ways to achieve this repentance and voting admonition, such as displaying our “End this pandemic too.” lawn signs, circulating our COVID Repentance Declaration and distributing the attached anti-Biden brochure.

On Sunday, July 26, 2020, some of us who attended this July 23rd Rally, joined by Wilmington area pro-lifers, exemplified this non-normal decorum by public witness and distribution of these brochures at the 10:30 AM Mass at St. Joseph Church in Brandywine, Delaware (near Wilmington), which Joe Biden sometimes attends.  He did not attend this Mass and we were heartened by the positive response of those attending this Mass.

Many of us stayed at our July 23rd Event to watch the 1989 video Operation Rescue (with footage from rescues in July 1988 at abortion chambers in Paoli and Northeast Philadelphia).  Watching the video proved bittersweet.  It reminded us of the courage of the many participants in this movement, some of whom have since died, (such as Bishop Vaughan), but that child killing, and the Church’s apathy about it, still remains.  Nevertheless, since 1988, abortions in our area – and throughout the nation – have declined by almost 50%.  Let us pray – and work for – a much needed fresh wave of zealous leaders and participants.

July 25, 2020 Event

Our Sunday, May 17, 2020 “Restore the Bread of Life” Prayer Vigil at the Cathedral resulted in correspondence with Fr. Dennis Gill, the Cathedral’s Pastor.  This correspondence resulted in a scheduled June 10, 2020 meeting with Brian Gail, Mark Houck, Kim Savage, Pat Stanton, and me.

At this meeting, Fr. Gill readily agreed to host this July 25th Event at the Cathedral and to request Archbishop Nelson Pérez’s leadership (Fr. Gill also blessed our COVID Repentance Declaration), which I believe proved crucial to the excellent turnout at this Mass, which I estimate at 600-700.

Both Archbishop Pérez (in his opening comments) and Fr. Gill (in his closing comments) remarked on this turnout.  As Pat Stanton predicted, in our pre-Event Conference Calls, this turnout motivated Archbishop Pérez to delay a prior commitment and process with us to Planned Parenthood’s abortion chamber where he delivered encouraging remarks.

The other speakers in this program also delivered powerful remarks.  I particularly cite Rev. Herb Lusk, III’s call for Christians in Philadelphia to repent for our apathy toward the continuing massive shedding of innocent blood in our City.

I am attaching the excellent July 28, 2020 report on this Event by Gina Christian, a regular contributor to

July 30, 2020 Election Activities Meeting

Approximately 20 Pro-Life Election Activists attended this meeting and heard messages from Ted Meehan, John Williamson, and me.  We also heard messages from local representatives of Catholic Vote and the Southeast Pa. Trump Field organization.

Our requests of pro-life citizens in Southeast Pa. for the November 3, 2020 General Election include the following:

1. Distribute anti-Biden brochures at your or a nearby Parish or Church at Sunday Masses or Services from now through Sunday, October 4, 2020.

2. Distribute the Pa. Pro-Life Federation’s Pro-Life Voter Guide at your or a nearby Parish or Church at Sunday Masses or Services on October 17, 24 and 3, 2020.

3. Organize a Voter Registration Drive at your Church or Parish by October 3, 2020 with appropriate information.

4. Encourage and equip clergy to deliver powerful Homilies regarding the duty of Christians and voting.  We expect to soon provide some recommendations for such homilies.

5. Be equipped with and widely distribute mail-in voting applications to likely pro-life voters who might not vote in person on November 3, 2020.

6. Participate in the local efforts of allied organizations, such as

a. Catholic Vote;

b. Susan B. Anthony List;

c. Trump For President Field Organizations; and

d. Local U.S. House and State Legislative candidates’ campaigns.

7. Obtain and place appropriate yard signs, such as the “End This Pandemic too” sign.

8. Participate in efforts to publicly admonish pro-abortion U.S. House candidates Christina Finello, Madeleine Dean, and Brendan Boyle (respectively at Parishes in Warminster, Glenside, and Northeast Philadelphia) who claim to be faithful Catholics yet support legal abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, paid with federal funds.

Upcoming Activities

I wish you some rest and relaxation during the remainder of the Summer.  Come September, I encourage your participation in the following activities:

1. The distribution of our anti-Biden brochure and as many other, as possible, of the previously described Election activities.

2. The Kickoff Events for the Fall 2020 40 Days for Life campaigns, which commence on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

3. The “Say So” March on Sunday, October 12, 2020 at about 1:30 PM from Pastor Lusk’s Greater Exodus Baptist Church at Broad Street and Fairmount Avenue to Center City, which will be led by Pastor Clennard Childress and typically, accompanied by 20-30 young members of his North Jersey Church, and joined by hundreds of Southeast Pa. pro-life citizens.

4. Another large Prayer Vigil on Saturday, October 24, 2020 at the Philadelphia Women’s Center abortion chamber at 777 Appletree Street, followed by a Mass at nearby Holy Redeemer Church.

Best wishes,

Mike McMonagle
Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania

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