The Opening of the Pandora Box and How Pro-Lifers Can Seize The Moment

Over the weekend, pro-lifers engaged in the annual National Pro-Life Chalk Day. This event, hosted by Students for Life of America, encourages their young activists to chalk the pro-life message outside of the abortion facilities.

Recently, the phrase “Black Lives Matter” was painted outside of a public street in many cities, particularly in Washington, DC. Pro-Life students took up the gauntlet by chalking the phrase “Black Preborn Lives Matter”.

The bold move was met by hostile acts from pro-abort volunteers. In particular, a group in Raleigh smeared the message by shoving their feet smearing the chalk and even pouring water on the ground. Meanwhile, in DC, pro-lifers that chalked the same message outside of the Planned Parenthood’s Carol Whitehall Center, were apprehended by Metropolitan Police. The charges were “defacing public or private property”.

Irony: they had a permit to do so and someone is at fault.

The fact that DC Mayor Muriel Bowser allowed the Marxist phrase “Black Lives Matter” to be painted in front of the White House, yet “Black Preborn Lives Matter” was not welcomed in her city.

Even members of the Metropolitan Police noted that this has opened a “Pandora Box”. Let us keep it open by making the message know and keep calling the abortion industry out for its daily murdering of innocent black pre-born babies.

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