First Friday Life Chain at Warminster Planned Parenthood

finalpicPeople will come, Ray.  People will most definitely come.”  This line is part of a dramatic speech given by James Earl Jones character, Terence Mann, in the iconic baseball movie, “Field of Dreams.”

We staged our own version of “Field of Dreams” at August’s First Friday Life Chain outside of Planned Parenthood on Louis Drive in Warminster. On a drizzling Friday morning in the midst of both a pandemic and summer vacation time, over 60 men, women and children lined both sides of the street (within CDC guidelines) in the name of compassion and prayer for the mothers and their unborn children entering the hallways of Planned Parenthood.

The invitation continues to spread within the area’s pro-life community to attend this monthly life chain and the people did not disappoint.

Pat Stanton, our longtime leader and LIFE supporter was there as usual and advised that there were 10 women inside PP awaiting surgical abortions or abortifacient drugs and urged more prayers in the hopes of saving valuable and vulnerable lives from losing the right to their own life through abortion and perhaps saving their moms from a lifetime of thinking what could have been. He mentioned that earlier in the week there was a confirmed baby saved from abortion at PP.

If you have never attended a pro-life event but are feeling a nudge about getting involved, please join us every first Friday of the month outside of the Planned Parenthood facility on Louis Drive from 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM.  You will meet some of the most dedicated people in this ministry who are willing to offer assistance to any moms seeking it and you also will learn about upcoming pro-life events. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Let us continue on this monthly journey to fill  Louis Drive.  As we have seen this past Friday, people will come…they will most definitely come!


Pregnancy & Assistance Resources:

Community Women’s Center of America: 215-826-8090

A Baby’s Breath:  484 571-5540

Post Abortive Assistance:

Rachel’s Vineyard: 877-467-3463

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