Planned Parenthood Uses Weapons of Lies and Deceptions in the War Against Mothers and their Unborn Babies

From Terry Noble, Voices for Life Blog

Before 1973, Planned Parenthood knew they had to convince Americans that women had a right to abortion. PP realized Congress would never pass a law legalizing abortion. They set on a path paved with lies and deception which led to the Roe v Wade US Supreme Court Decision to make abortion legal in all 50 states. To this day, PP continues to promote abortion by continuing to use deceptive language and outright lies.

Roe v Wade

Regarding deception, Planned Parenthood used Norma McCorvey, (Jane Roe) a vulnerable pregnant women to make their case for abortion based on a lie that she was raped. View her story here.

Deceptive Language

Planned Parenthood began a mission to change language to continue to give abortion legitimacy to convince women that abortion was her right.

PP used language to dehumanize a child in the womb. An ‘unborn baby, became a blob of cells, products of conception, zygote, embryo, fetus. Using the term ‘baby’ is forbidden inside PP walls when ‘counselors’ are convincing a pregnant mom that abortion is the right decision.

The ‘Right to Life’ in the Declaration of Independence was replaced with the ‘Right to Choose’. The deception is they never complete that phrase. The right to choose what? Where to choose to live, work, vacation, etc. None of these, but the right to choose death for an unborn child. The mantra, ‘my body, my choice’ became the constant refrain from radical feminists.


One of the most powerful tools in this battle for life is the ultrasound. PP has to determine the gestational age and size of the baby. This helps the abortionist determine the method to be used in killing the baby. View various methods of abortion here. PP will never show the sonogram to the mother as the baby moves within her womb. The reason? Pregnancy Crisis Centers know that when they show a mother her baby in the ultrasound, up to 80% choose life.

Abortion Alternative Counseling

Post abortive women have recounted the lack of counseling concerning alternatives to abortion, including referral to pregnancy centers, mothers homes and adoption.* Because abortion is PP’s big money maker, dissuading a pregnant woman is not encouraged.

*There are over 3,000 Pregnancy Care Centers across our nation offering free services. Adoption services, local pregnancy care centers and comprehensive help with housing, clothing, education, and child care are available in every state.


The lie that PP does mammograms has been disproved. Source

Health Care

Since the main business of PP is abortion, the deceptive term ‘women’s health care’ is a feel good phrase to convince women that PP is an organization they can trust in a crisis pregnancy.


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