When Christopher Columbus and other European Explorers came to the West, the New World

Below is commentary from Dr. William Devlin RN BSN MA DMin, on the child sacrifice of the ancient Incas and the evangelization by early Christians to the new world.  And here we are in the 21st century sacrificing children to the false god of abortion in our own society.   

I first met Dr. Devlin in the early 80’s through Operation Rescue.  He has since taken rescue missions a step further by rescuing young Christian women who have been kidnapped by terrorist in the Middle East and by rescuing souls in his evangelization ministry around the world.  

Please read Dr Devlin’s commentary  and follow the link to the article which he provides.  

Their journeys were not only business opportunities but also evangelization outreaches for the Christian Church.
This article gives insight into the type of cultures the explorers came upon.
The cultures were not as pristine & innocent as the ‘cancel culture’ people would have us believe.
Christ was brought to the New World; obviously, some of these explorers were evil people-yet, in the midst, the message of the Gospel went forth with many who sacrificed much to bring the love of Jesus to the Americas.
The Incas were deeply committed to child sacrifice, post-birth; 
our modern day culture is committed to child sacrifice, pre-birth.


The Inca Children Who Were Given Cocaine Before Being Sacrificed

Dr. William Devlin RN BSN MA DMin. is the co-pastor, Infinity Bible Church, South Bronx,  CEO, REDEEM!  501(c)3 non-profit, Co-Chair, Right To Worship NYC, Professor, Nile Theolgical College, Khartoum

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