Democrats Put Immorality, Fake News, and Socialism as platform for 2020 Election

The Democratic National Convention, which was held in Milwaukee, WI, had a myriad of speakers.

The lineup was a mixture of well-known names. The downsize is how weak their moral clauses are. Case in point, Former Ohio governor John Kasich has told Republican voters they can vote for Biden. However, Biden has had a long history of being public enemy to the unborn child.

The same party that has supported slavery, enslavement, and high taxes, has embraced abortion through all stages of pregnancy and gay marriage with openly gay icons taking the stage.

The fact that the presumed nominee, Joe Biden claims to be Catholic, yet he has a long history of being hostile to the pro-life movement, shows us why we must stop it nothing to keep radicals with empty promises away from public office.

The worst part is having Fr. James Martin, a Jesuit who has advocated for gay couples to show affection during the sign of peace. Additonally, Sister Simone Campbell spoke at the convention. Unfortunately, she has not condemned abortion in her speech. It shows that Catholic clergy who have been silent on this issue has had their silence so deafening that Catholic Americans are divided.

Not only is the White House at stake in November, but we also have battleground states such as Michigan, Texas, North and South Carolina for senate seats if we want a pro-life majority to help replace RBG and another judge while continuing everything Trump has done to promote pro-life values.

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