Calendar of Events and To-Do List for September

Happy September!

Ninth month of the year.

Here is a list of events happening this month

Sidewalk Outreach Training- September 17th

40 Days for Life (September 23rd-October 31st) Sign up for your respected campaign here

40 Days for Life Kickoff Rally

Help Canvass for the Susan B Anthony List

Take part in many of the vigils across the greater Philadelphia area.

Saturdays- 777 Appletree 6:30AM-8AM

3rd Saturday Vigil- 745 AM Mass at St John the Evangelist (13 S 13th Street) A rosary pilgrimage to Planned Parenthood will follow.

See more list of vigils here.

Here’s what you need to do this month

  1. Host a day of remembrance for the unborn
  2. Schedule a life chain in your community
  3. Host a pro-life meeting with fellow pro-lifers in your area
  4. Schedule a Holy Hour for an end to abortion
  5. Sign up for 40 Days for Life
  6. Recruit new members
  7. Help pro-lifers register to vote and make sure they are aware of the absentee ballot , this is a more ethical way to vote as oppose to mail in balloting. Also, be sure to help elderly voters get to the polls on November 3rd.
  8. Reach out to pro-lifers who have not been to any vigils since March
  9. Take part in local vigils
  10. Donate to the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia or other pro-life group
  11. Schedule a pro-life speaker to speak to your pro-life group or campus
  12. Educate students on fetal development
  13. Order copies of Clear Conscience

May you all have a fruitful and life-giving September.

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