The following is from an email blast sent out by Dr. Monique Ruberu calling for pro-lifers in the Greater Philadelphia area to step up their game and step into the breach to save babies during the 40 Days for Life campaign

Dear Friends, 

40 Days for life starts September 23rd. 

September 12th Students for life is planning an event in downtown Philly – more details to come. 

September 16th at 6PM sidewalk counseling training session in the STS Peter and Paul Cathedral parking lot for 1.5 hours. 

September 23rd Kickoff at 12th and locust planned parenthood at 7PM for 1 hour 15 min.  Matt Britton from 40 DFL leadership is our Keynote. We will have a candlelight procession around the block containing the planned parenthood building. 

This is a super busy time and I really need your help. My Pro Life GYN practice (Natural Womens Health) where I offer free GYN care to any woman who is currently going to Planned parenthood is very busy. My kids have started school and when I get home from work I am homeschooling 2 out of the 3.

I get that all of you are busy. That you are working, homeschooling, taking care of your families. That is why Pat and I have decided to try a new strategy to fill our vigil this time. 

I did the math. If 450 of us cover ONE 2 hour shift during this vigil every hour will be covered with 2 people.  There are 2000 people at the pro-life union dinner every year. There are over 800 people on this list.  Surely 450 of those people can cover ONE 2 hour shift?  If you want to do more than 1 shift you are more than welcome, but please commit to what you can and will cover. 

SO I am asking each of you to PLEASE commit NOW to one 2 hour shift  at either 777 or 12th and locust from September 23rd to October 31st

I really need to get all of these hours covered before 9/23 so that I can just focus on sending you guys praise reports rather than scrambling to fill hours.  If your church has been assigned a day and you are all set to pray on that day, by all means claim the shifts on that day, if another hour works better for you feel free to come when it works best for you. 

here are the hours for each week  PLEASE EMAIL ME AT WITH THE SHIFT YOU WANT TO COVER. 


12th and locust:

Wed 9/23: 7,9,11,1,3////Thurs 9/24: 9/25: 9/26:

Mon 9/28:7,9,11,1,3///Tuesday 9/29: 9/30:7,9,11,1,3///Thursday 10/1:7,9,11,1,3///Fri 10/2:7,9,11,1,3///Sat 10/3:7,9,11,1

Mon 10/5:7,9,11,1,3///Tuesday 10/6: 10/7:7,9,11,1,3///Thursday 10/8:7,9,11,1,3///Fri 10/9:7,9,11,1,3///Sat 10/10:7,9,11,1

Mon 10/12:7,9,11,1,3///Tuesday 10/13:,9,11,1,3///Thursday 10/15:7,9,11,1,3///Fri 10/16:7,9,11,1,3///Sat 10/17:7,9,11,1

Mon 10/19:7,9,11,1,3///Tuesday 10/20:,9,11,1,3///Thursday 10/22:7,9,11,1,3///Fri 10/23:7,9,11,1,3///Sat 10/24:7,9,11,1

Mon 10/26:7,9,11,1,3///Tuesday 10/27:,9,11,1,3///Thursday 10/29:7,9,11,1,3///Fri 10/30:7,9,11,1,3///Sat 10/31:7,9,11,1

777 Appletree:

Wed 9/23: 7,9,11,1////Thurs 9/24: 9/25: 9/26:

Tuesday 9/29: 9/30:7,9,11,1///Thursday 10/1:7,9,11,1,//Fri 10/2:7,9,11,1///Sat 10/3:7,9,11,1

Tuesday 10/6: 10/7:7,9,11,1///Thursday 10/8:7,9,11,1///Fri 10/9:7,9,11,1///Sat 10/10:7,9,11,1

Tuesday 10/13:,9,11,1///Thursday 10/15:7,9,11,1///Fri 10/16:7,9,11,1///Sat 10/17:7,9,11,1

Tuesday 10/20:,9,11,1///Thursday 10/22:7,9,11,1///Fri 10/23:7,9,11,1///Sat 10/24:7,9,11,1

Tuesday 10/27:,9,11,1///Thursday 10/29:7,9,11,1///Fri 10/30:7,9,11,1///Sat 10/31:7,9,11,1

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