Life Is Winning Tour 2020: Pittsburgh

Life Wins! Tour 2020 made a stop to the other side of the Keystone State.

Those in attendance heard from speakers such as Rep. Mike Kelly and Dr. John Joyce, both of whom represent the western part of Pennsylvania.

Rep. Kelly addressed to everyone how he intends to continue the legacy of the late Henry Hyde by protecting his amendment that prevents taxpaying dollars from being used for abortion.

Not only was Vice President Mike Pence the main speaker, the event had a group of young people known as “canvassers” for the Susan B Anthony List, made up of mostly high school, college, or recent college graduates.

The attendees noticed young people wearing a blue shirt with the Susan B Anthony logo on the front while their commitment to voting pro-life ablazened across the back of their shirts.

These group of youngsters across many battleground states, including Pennsylvania, have battled rain, extreme heat, and hurricanes, to knock on doors in engaging voters to vote for life. Along the way, they have heard stories of near-fateful decision to beautiful adoption stories.

Even Vice President Pence has acknowledge the extraordinary work of the organization as they have knock on 1.6 million doors to date, but they are projected to break two million before the General Election.

The group is hiring in Pennsylvania. If you are interested, learn more here.

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