The Right to Life: An Indispensable Truth

The following message is from David Simon, Philadelphia Field Director of CatholicVote.

CatholicVote Warriors,

Check out this quick 30-second video that CatholicVote just released last night. It very quickly and succinctly sums up how Joe Biden has abandoned his Catholic values by promising to FORCE taxpayers to pay for abortions through abolishing the Hyde Amendment. Share it far and wide!

Yesterday Pennsylvania had our highest number of calls so far for the whole year, clocking in at 1145 calls! This is fantastic!

I am challenging everyone to keep up this momentum and push the bar even higher! Let’s blow everyone away by how quickly Pennsylvania can get through these calls. We all know that in the Northeast, we do it best! Let’s prove that to the rest of the CV teams across the country by making Pennsylvania the gold standard for CampaignSidekick. CampaignSidekick calls are way quicker and easier than you might think. You can blow through 100 calls in less than one hour total!

Don’t forget, from now until election day, our top 5 callers of the week that make at least 200 calls per week will get a $25 Visa gift card! In addition, this week ONLY, our top caller who makes at least 1,000 calls will get a $100 Amazon gift card!

Until we finish the survey phase, we are unable to move into any other Get Out the Vote efforts, all of which are crucial to our goal of turning out the 201,000+ Mass attending Catholics that did not vote in 2016!

Also wanted to share this picture from Lord of the Rings that one of our wonderful volunteers, Jane, had sent to me. This election is our chance to make our own stand as Catholics against the dark forces that seek to rip apart our nation and our liberties.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,
David Laurence Simon
Philadelphia Area Field Director


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