40 Days Fall 2020 Kicked Off; 25 women entered PWC; Stranger Joins Candlelight Vigil

Day 1 report:

Praise God every hour was covered at both vigils today. 

Planned Parenthood-Center City

We also had a beautiful candlelight vigil with Matt Briton from 40 days Leadership!  

God’s timing was PERFECT we prayed, we processed in prayer and song around the block of PP 3 times and we collected sign ups just as a black lives matters protest began coming down the street. 

We packed up and everyone made it safely home with no problems 🙂 God provides perfectly! 

During the procession one passer by stopped to ask what we were doing- Mickey responded that we were praying to end abortion in our city. The gentleman said he didn’t approve of abortion either and joined the procession – The power of public witness! 

Philadelphia Women’s Center

Diane spent the 1st hour at 777 from 7-8 and then moved to 12th and locust to fill a gap there from 8-9 Talk about stepping up to help fill the gaps!!! She reported that 25 women and babies entered 777 from 7-8. She was shocked to witness the gravity of the situation!

Right now our biggest holes are at 777 – please join us to fill this holes and provide alternatives, prayer and love for these women. 

let us know if you can fill some hours

Thurs 9/24: (12th: 4,4 ) (777:7,7)

mon 9/28: (12th: 10,11,12,1,2,3,4)

tues 9/29: (12th: 1,2) (777: 7,7, 10,11,11,12,12,1,1,2,2)

wed 9/30: (12th: 8,12,1) (777: 9,10,11,11,12,12,1,1,2,2)

thurs 10/1: (12th:10) (777 :7,7,8,8,9,20,11,12,12,1,1,2,2)

friday 10/2: 777:1,2

God bless!!!

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