To Do List for October

The World Series, Homecoming, Halloween, Month of the Holy Rosary, beautiful fall foliage, but most importantly, Respect Life Month are just some of the highlights set aside for the tenth month of the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

What is the most important for us in 2020 is the fact that we will be a month away from a crucial decision that puts 2020 on steroids with our vote.

Here are some general things to do during the month of October

  1. Participate in your local 40 Days for Life campaign
  2. Donate to a local pregnancy center/pro-life coalition
  3. Encourage members of the clergy to be more vocal in preaching the pro-life message from the pulpit. They can no longer be silent on this issue. Silence makes them complacent in promoting the culture of death
  4. Plan a life chain in your community
  5. Write letters to those imprisoned
  6. Plan a Holy Hour for Life
  7. Help people register for the 2020 election
  8. Obtain a copy of Clear Conscience
  9. Help Susan B Anthony canvass neighborhoods in battleground states
  10. Host a rosary rally/walk in your community for the intention of the end to abortion
  11. With a vacant seat on the Supreme Court needed to be filled, plan to host a rally for Amy Coney Barrett to be Ruth Bader-Ginsburg’s successor.
  12. Read Humanae Vitae and other papal encyclicals related to the culture of life
  13. Throw a surprise baby shower for a woman who changed her mind on having abortion.
  14. Collect sanitation supplies, clothes, and even food for a homeless distribution
  15. Share a pro-life themed movie

These are just the many things to do during the month of October. Be sure to be creative with any events you can have.

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