NJ Reproductive Freedom Act is Raw Abuse of Power

The following is a press release from Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life.


New Jersey Right to Life:  Reproductive Freedom Act is Raw Abuse of Power that Will Oppress the Will of NJ Voters

On October 2nd the Murphy Administration and pro-abortion legislators announced their plans to introduce a radical abortion bill to expand abortion that appears to be similar to one signed into law by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2019.  View the announcement by Governor Murphy Here

Although the proposed legislation is sure to appease the abortion industry and a small minority of Governor Murphy’s pro-abortion supporters to shore up his base for his re-election, this type of extreme measure is not supported by the majority of people in our state or across our nation who support life protective laws and limits on abortion.   That is surely why the majority party and Governor will not seek voter approval on this type of measure, but instead seek to act in an autocratic manner to oppress the will of the people. 

This announcement follows the unanimous vote made by the NJ Board of Medical Examiners on September 15th to make abortion less safe for women.  The Rule change will now allow abortions to be performed by non-physicians and permit abortions beyond 14 weeks gestation to be performed in an office setting. 

Abortion is not healthcare.  It is an act of violence that wounds countless women and brutally and painfully takes the lives of so many innocent children.  Contrary to the claims of those who make a profit from the bodies of women and the killing of innocent children, abortion is not a safe procedure and laws like this will surely place more women’s lives in danger.

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