First Save of Philly’s Fall 2020 40 Days for Life Campaign

From an email blast sent out by Dr. Monique Ruberu

Kim was out at 777 for most of the day today.

777 is not a fun place to be… 6000 babies lives are ended there every year. 

no businesses can occupy the floor above or below the killing floor… for the past several years we have seen only a few businesses try to occupy those spaces for brief periods of time… can’t blame them – I wouldn’t want to come to work knowing thousands of innocent babies are dying above or below. 

They have choice workers who go out of their way to intimidate prayer warriors…

but Kim decided to pray pretty much all day…

Her prayers and all those of the awesome prayer warriors like Jerry and Jim who show up week after week all year long paid off today. 

Kim sent this text this morning : 

A woman just had her ride pick her up
She told us “I changed my mind”!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! 

One baby escaped from that horrible place!!! Praise God!! That child’s bloodline will survive and prosper!! All those that are to come from that child now have a shot at life!!! That mom will not be scarred!! praise God!!!

please be like Kim, Jerry and Jim! Help us to keep every hour filled with 2

wed 10/7: (12th: 8) (777:7,8,11,12,1,1,2)

Thurs 10/8: (12th: 8,8,10,12) (777: 7,7,10,11,1,1,2,2)

Fri 10/9: (12th: 1) (777: 8,9,10,1,2)

mon 10/12 (12th: 11,11,12,12,1,1,2,2) 

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