My Experience Praying Outside of Planned Parenthood’s Largest Late Term Abortion Facility in Rocky Mountain Region

The following is my personal reflection as I was praying outside of Planned Parnethood’s largest late term facility located in downtown Denver area.

On Friday, October 9th, myself and a few friends decided to pray for nearly two hours in front of Planned Parenthood.

When I pulled up, two women, Linda and Donna, faithful Christian pro-lifers were holding signs at the gates of one of the largest abortion facilities that I have seen in my pro life experience. It was like a military campaign to place a fortress under siege. They both gave us the lowdown on the location and pointed several faithful warriors who were with us.

It was amazing to see a strong presence of Christians coming out to pray for the Jericho of the Abortion Industry that one day will be a haven of life.

I led the prayers for nearly two straight hours. I can remember seeing how many would join us, carry on with additional prayers, and even getting support from people coming and going.

I may not know if a baby was saved, but I do know that my presence always made a difference as yours should too.

Whenever you travel, set aside some time to pray outside of an abortion facility. Meet the local pro-lifers, exchange stories, and form a friendship that will last a long time. When this fight to overturn abortion is over, we will all look back on our efforts to shut down every modern day concentration camp in our country.

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