Remember What They Did to Robert Bork?

The following is from Juide Brown of American Life League

Few people remember but back in 1987, Judge Robert Bork was skewered for being an honest man.

The leftist media, Ted Kennedy, Pat Leahy and “Abortion Joe” Biden — whom the press labeled the father of Borking — joined forces with Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Catholics for a Free Choice and every other radical group in Washington.

They did it then.  They are doing it now.

American Life League was one of the few pro-life Catholic organizations ringing the bell for Judge Bork.  Pro-lifers got lazy, the lynch mob tasted blood… and Bork lost in a landslide.

We warned the nation when they did it to Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, and Brett Kavanaugh.

Now they are trying to ‘Bork’ Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Click here to help American Life League defend Judge Barrett against the anti-Catholic lynch mob.

Right now, the lynch mob is already out in force.  Barrett is under attack from Senate Democrats, pro-abortion pressure groups, and the media, which go to every length to suppress the true sentiments of the American public.

Senate Democrats are even going so far as attacking Barrett’s Catholic faith in a complete violation of the US Constitution and the First Amendment.

American Life League is in a unique position to push back.  Linked with your voice and the voices of hundreds of thousands of pro-life Catholics just like you and me builds the resources we need to react in real time. 

Mark my words.  This is going to be a longer and harder fight than we realize.  

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