Philly Journalist Addresses Common MisConceptions of Faith in Politics

For those who live in Philadelphia may recall a journalist for the last eighteen years named Christine Flowers. Christine was a writer for both the Daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer. She was never afraid to mince words, retreat an inch when it came to current events, and continues to share her gifts.

On Wednesday evening, Christine gave a talk at the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral with a 100 in attendance.

She address the fact that we must continue to put faith at the center of our political scope.

“We cannot compromise our faith” Christine urged those gathered.

When discussing the life issue, Christine admits that there are three things she looks for in a candidate: abortion, immigration, and marriage. She continues to mention the fact how Joe Biden has had a log trek of not supporting the most vulnerable in our society.

Let us take this mentality with us as we vote on Tuesday, November 3rd.

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