Have You Heard This Lately? “You can’t be pro-life if you don’t support gun control…immigration reform…regulations combatting climate change, etc.”

The following article was forwarded to Voices for Life from Lauren Merz of Life Site News.

The list goes on and on as to the issues used to attempt to redefine what it means to be “pro-life.”

To be sure, the vast majority of the people trying to redefine the pro-life label are hijacking it for nefarious purposes.

How do I know this?

Because they are mostly abortion advocates and their supporters in the media and culture.

And their tactics are aimed at dividing you and me and fracturing the Pro-Life Movement for their own political benefit while thwarting our efforts to protect the innocent in the womb.

Now, this is not to say that some of the people who are trying to associate their own cause with the pro-life label aren’t genuine, sincere, and well-intentioned…

But let’s be clear – you cannot call yourself “pro-life” if you do not value human life at its earliest, most vulnerable stage. And, it’s important to keep in mind the goal of the Pro-Life Movement is to end abortion.

This is why, to call ourselves “pro-life,” we must prioritize changing our culture into one that values and defends life in the womb and where abortion is completely unthinkable.

There should be no debate – and no compromise permissible – when it comes to the brutal murder of 2,363 babies in the United States each day.

Being “pro-life” also means to be completely against the intentional killing of a preborn child, for any reason, at any stage of fetal development. Period.

We cannot support the killing of children in the small percentages of cases where they were conceived in rape or incest.

We cannot support the killing of children when a mother’s life is in danger. It may be necessary to deliver a baby early – sometimes too early for him to survive – but everything is done to preserve BOTH lives, rather than intentionally kill that innocent child.

We cannot support the killing of children because of a disability…or because of a fatal prenatal diagnosis…or because of their race, gender, or economic status…

Abortion is ALWAYS an unjust act that takes the life of an innocent child.

The victims of abortion are real human beings, who are being starved, dismembered, decapitated, crushed, lethally injected, and ripped apart by suction in the womb.

The leading cause of death around the world today is abortion. These deaths are entirely preventable.

Now more than ever, we need people to understand that to be pro-life is to be against abortion – no matter the circumstance.

This is a tragedy that is almost unparalleled in human history and an atrocity that is carried out every day in our own communities and neighborhoods.

The preborn deserve their own social and political movement to end the injustice against them.

Attempting to redefine “pro-life” to achieve political ends is a betrayal of the innocent human person the Pro-Life Movement exists to defend.

That is why I am so thankful for you and your commitment to sharing these truths, and for fighting alongside us to protect the innocent preborn.

Together, we are building a world where EVERY preborn child is protected and loved.

For life,

Lauren Merz
VP of Strategic Partnerships

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