Annual Mass of Remembrance for Our Deceased Pro-Life Friends to be Celebrated on Nov 30th in Newtown Square, Pa.

Towards the end of the year we have two memorial Masses in Southeast Pennsylvania.  One the end of November to remember the souls of our pro-life brothers and sisters who have preceded us in death, and one on the Feast of the Holy Innocents to remember the innocent preborn who were killed by abortion.  Below is information from Jack and Pat O’Brien, long-time leaders in the SE Pennsylvania pro-life movement on the  November Memorial Mass. 

Memorial Mass Rose

You are invited to a very special celebration of Mass, different in the dedication for whom this Mass is offered.

Since, one year ago, our family in heaven has increased as God has called in more Saints, workers in this field of Pro-Life mission. This yearly Memorial has two effects.  The grace that comes through the Gift of the Eucharist is ours, the Prayer of the Mass reaches those souls in God’s hands as smiling babies shout in joy as each new name is called.

Elizabeth Andrews, Lee Brown, Frank Callaghan, Joe Cunnane, George Farrelly, U. S. Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick, Joan Gail, Jack Klotz, JoAnn Marshall, Tony McGinley, Sister Marie Paschal, IHM, Fred Porter, Rosemary Porter, Claire Prendergast, Fran Rafferty, Maria Schubert, Bob Siter, Bill Wohlgemuth, Jeannette Wynn, Maryann Yorina, Lillian Young

This is likely to be the happiest Memorial Mass you have ever attended.

We have physically parted from dear friends, natural family members, co-workers, soldiers in the fray and parting can be mournful. Yes, the human loss is sad. But, the tribute to their lives never ends.

So therefore, you are requested to come to St. Anastasia Church on Monday, November 30, at 8:00 p.m.   Join in this holy, sacred, celebration for all of our past and most current People of Life pleading for God’s Kingdom and Will be done.

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