Support Pro-Life Businesses This Christmas Season

It’s that time of the year again as we rush through the malls, shopping center, or we do everything with a click on many online retailers.


The title speaks for itself. We have small businesses that help your community thriving. It implies with the pro-life movement. Some pro-lifers have businesses that would love your patronage this Christmas.

Mallory FinchShop the Pink Rose

Picture a young girl that discovers her talent of crafting jewelry at the age of eleven. That was the case for this artisan from North Carolina and a pro-life stalwart. You can see her site here


Looking for clothing that does not give to Planned Parenthood? That was a discussion one family had at the dinner table. Culture of Life 1972 has exploded to the scene for nearly two years and have everything from dresses, gym bags shirts, and even hoorags. Check out their selections and shop now here.

Life Dress

A college student in Las Vegas dreamed of using her talents to cultivate the pro-life message in fashion. Hence, she started Life Dress. Check out the formal wear with a twist here.

These are just the many of pro-life shops to support during your Christmas shopping. Check a past blog post if you’re eager to learn about more small businesses to shop for this Christmas season.

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