Georgia on The Mind of Pro-Lifers

Two senate seats in Georgia were up for grabs during the 2020 Election. There was no clear winner that evening. For Doug Collins and Kelly Loeffler, they know that the nation is watching to see how the senate will play the role under either a Biden or Trump Administration.

Their opponents are looking to tip the scale in favor of gay marriage, abortion, higher taxes, compromising our basic inalienable rights, and even scandalizing our Constitution.

Special Election: Kelly Loeffler vs. Pastor Raphael Warnock.

Even former NFL Coach Tony Dungy questions the motive of Pastor Raphael Warnock when he misinterpreted Matthew 6:24 while claiming the bible justifies abortion. What part of “Thou shall not murder” does the so called “pastor” not understand?

This is to determine who will secede retiring senator Johnny Isakson.

Perdue v Ossoff

David Perdue is the other candidate looking to ensure a pro-life majority in the U.S Senate. He will square up against Jon Ossoff. He failed on election night to break more than 50% to secure re-election.

The runoff election will take place on January 5th. To voters of the state of Georgia, you are asked to show up in person and vote for life, prosperity, law and order, and even to advance God in our country. Help people to register. Make sure you get people to the polls. Mail in ballots are a scam.