Pro-Abort Candidates Sweep Runoff races

A dark cloud is hovering over the “Peach State” of Georgia after a bad case of deja vu. When the state normally goes red during a mid-term/presidential race, it just somehow went blue. What we saw on election night with battleground states was all the same again in Georgia.

Pro-abortion candidates, thanks to the help of Stacey Abrams (no doubt she commited fraud), swept the runoff competition. With the sweep of the races and the other gains from election night 2020, We have a divided house in the senate. In the event of an tie, the VP can break it by just one vote.

The Progressive Pastor

Imagine a candidate that openly supported slavery or the holocaust getting elected. Now, imagine that same candidate that claimed to be a pastor but supports murder as a way to get elected. That became a reality in one race.

Raphael Warnock was one of the winners. He has said time and time again that abortion is justified in the bible. I wonder if the fifth commandment, “Thou shall not murder.” means anything to him. This so called “Christian pastor” is not a Christian. A Christian’s job on earth is to protect, defend, and nurture life from womb to tomb. Warnock is a progressive sinner. Rather, he is the pastor of hypocrites. He was the same one that was involved with an altercation between him and his wife.

Jon Ossoff

Jon Ossoff became the youngest member ever elected to the United States Senate at the age of 33. Ossoff could compliment the aging Bernie Sanders let alone the Biden Administration’s agenda to advance socialism throughout our country. History has proven that socialism does not work. Sadly, we have seen it win tonight because of unconsciousness voters.

Going Forward

If pro-lifers are to make Biden a lame duck by the end of the midterms of during the 2nd half of his term, they need to step up their game to put forth men and women who would defend life from womb to tomb, bring fiscal responsibility, end to unjust wars, defend our bill of rights, and uphold law and order for all.

Pro-lifers are asked to pressure their elected officials in safeguarding the most vulnerable in our society through phone calling, letter writing, and even email campaigns.

The Republicans Party have lost credibility since Donald Trump was elected to office. They have shown their true colors. Many of them are part of an establishment that think they can make a long career of winning numerous elections while getting little to nothing done at the expense of taxpayers. Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to advance their radical agenda let alone putting forth social justice warriors to hold office positions on all levels without a care for their constituents.


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