On January 20th, Former Vice President Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.

This will come at a cost as he will look to advance a radical agenda within the next four year, defeating everything his soon predecessor has worked hard to do. In order for to do it, he will have the help of many radicals in his cabinet. Many of whom are proclaimed “Catholics”.

Here is a look at some key positions that have been selected or will be in the fate of the senate after the inauguration.

Attorney General Merrick Garland

If everyone may recall five winters ago when Antonin Scalia tragically died, Merrick Garland was tabbed to be his potential replacement, yet the nomination was struck down as a way to nominate someone following an election year. Now, Garland will be the top lawyer of the nation in a radical administration.

Commerce Secretary: Gina Raimondo

The former governor of Rhode Island who pushed some of the unlimited abortion laws in the Ocean State will see a place in Biden’s cabinet. She has a mixed record on abortion.

John Kerry- Envoy for Climtae

Former Massachusetts Senator, Presidential Candidate, and Secretary of State John Kerry is a name that we all may remember quite well as he is another that supports abortion

Will Biden put the interest of Americans? Likely he won’t. All he wants to do is push his radical ideas hard, in particular, the issue of abortion, which many bishops agreed is an important issue in any given election.


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