The following is from an email blast from Deborah Molina of Sidewalk Servants group in Philadelphia. See more information at the end to sign up if you live in the Greater Philadelphia area.

We were blessed with 2 more babies saved in the last week at 777 Appletree! Praise God! Let’s offer prayers of thanksgiving and support for them. Join us to help make sure that there is always someone there helping mothers to have a chance to say Yes to Life!!  We still need coverage next week for the hours below. Also, please join us for the Philadelphia March for Life on Saturday!
Sidewalk Servant, Kim, tells us more about one of the babies saved on that beautiful day when the mother chose Life for her child!“Today a woman was walking into 777. I offered her resources and she stopped in her tracks. Looking at me she started to ask me a question, but one of the escorts interrupted us and she walked away. She said she would talk more with me on her way out and went in.
A while later a young man and pre-teen boy got out of a car in the parking lot and walked by. I began talking with him, and he told me his friend was inside (the woman I had spoken to) and he wasn’t sure but thought she was going to get the surgical procedure. I showed him the fetal models and told him how every child is fearfully and wonderfully made. He said he agreed totally, he believed in God and thought abortion was wrong. I encouraged him to speak with his friend because sometimes people just need to know they are supported. He said he would call her. He walked down the street to go get something to eat. 
A while later the woman came out of the clinic. I asked her if she would like to continue our conversation; she turned to the escort, Lynn, who was staring us down and said to her, “She’s not bothering me.” and then walked away with me so we could talk. She shared that she couldn’t go through with it. She was 5 weeks pregnant. She knew it would be wrong to have an abortion. She believed in Jesus and was trying to live for him (even being celibate), but she had “messed up”. But she knew that just because she made a mistake didn’t mean she could end a life. I just encouraged her and told her that the best things in life are the hardest things and that God is working in all circumstances. I asked her if I could pray for her out loud and she said yes. So we prayed together and afterwards I took her information and gave her mine. Before walking away she asked for a hug! And she drove away with her friend waving to me.
She said she has three other children and I know she will have some struggles. But the lesson I keep learning when I pray at the clinic is that God’s grace is enough!! I’m pretty sure my voice was trembling and I was tripping over my words when we were praying together, but it didn’t matter. God’s grace was enough! Despite our woundedness and our flaws, God’s love prevails!!”
God bless you all for all you do!!

UPCOMING EVENT: Philadelphia March for LifePhiladelphia March for Life on January 23rd!! Join us! 
Philadelphia March for Life Jan. 23rd

1) Take a look at the Sidewalk Servants website and videos for more helpful information: 

2) Remember to wear a mask, and if you can please bring a sign that says:

       “LOVE, Financial and Emotional HELP:  Call: 610-626-4006 or Text: 484-451-8104”

        And/Or: – It’s not too late to change your mind”

3) Contact infoDr. Monique Ruberu:   469-231-9084;   Patrick Stanton:  267-718-4851 Deborah Molina: 360-808-2935

Help needed this week:

Monday 1/18:

12th:     CLOSED!!

Tuesday 1/19:

12th:       12,1,3,4

777:        1,2

Wednesday 1/20:

777:       11,12,1,2,

Thursday 1/21:

12th:      8,9,10,11,2,3,4

777:       1,2

Friday 1/22:

12th:     4

777:      1,2

Saturday 1/23:

12th:        12,1,2,3,4

777:         11,12,1,2