Division in Pro-Life Ranks?

One of the biggest weapons Satan uses is the use of lies. On top of it, he also uses division.

In a recent conversation with someone in the pro-life movement, I have made a striking claim that he is infiltrating the movement and dividing many people. Most of the division is over in person or virtual gatherings as we are trying to navigate a post-COVID world.

Take for example, the recent news from the March for Life Foundation to go 100% virtual. Since the announcement of the decision, which I am infuriated over, I took note on the numerous responses made by people.

I feel that this is one of the examples that is trying to destroy a movement that has gained so much momentum and even strength in nearly half a century.

Sadly, we heard on Inauguration Day from a self-professed “Catholic” the call to unity. Well, how are we going to be united if people are going to cause division among themselves through violence?

What Can We Do to Advert Division?

We need to stop bickering over each other’s differences. We need to come together and stand against a powerful pro-abortion administration and even agenda.

To every general, he calls upon his faithful soldiers to fight together in order to win the war. So too we must win the debate not in the Halls of Congress, the White House, State Capitol, or even City Hall. Rather, this debate will be won and decided outside of abortion facilities when every worker and volunteer open their eyes to the hoor of abortion while hearing its cry for help.

The call to unity, unlike the one being pushed by our soon to be 46th President of the United States is when every pro-lifers and those who are concerned over the radical abortion stand up to the radicals and the mob that has told those who stood in their way to move and respond “No, you move.”

Division can be stopped first by us.